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Since its earliest days, Longines has always focused on elegance. This quality can be found not only in its products but also in its communication, with the now famous slogan "Elegance is an attitude". So it comes as no surprise that the brand is now launching the Longines Elegant Collection, which comprises models that are the perfect embodiment of the classical design and sleek lines typical of Longines timepieces. Available in three sizes and fitted with self-winding, mechanical movements, these watches offer a broad choice of dials, each presenting its own definition of elegance.

Longines Elegance Collection

Watchmaking Tradition

Watchmaking Tradition Collection

Longines has been based at Saint-Imier in Switzerland since 1832. Its watchmaking expertise reflects a strong devotion to tradition, elegance and performance.With many years of experience as a timekeeper for world championships in sport or as a partner of international sports federations, Longines – famous for the elegance of its timepieces – is a member of the Swatch Group Ltd, the world’s leading manufacturer of horological products. The brand known by its winged hourglass logo now has outlets in over 150 countries. In 1832 Auguste Agassiz entered the world of horology when he joined a trading office established in St. Imier. He soon rose to become the manager and the company took on the name Agassiz & Co. At the time, he was producing timepieces under the “établissage” system, whereby watchmakers worked at home and supplied their products to the trading offices. Agassiz built up a network of commercial contacts, which enabled him to sell his watches on other continents, in particular in North America. During the 1850s Agassiz’s nephew Ernest Francillon took over the running of the office. When Francillon took on this responsibility, he considered ways of perfecting the manufacturing methods used in watchmaking in the area.


All those who love the charm and the excellence of classic watches will find amongst this exceptional timepiece selection the one that will splendidly refine all their outfits. With their elegant simplicity and their discreet beauty, these watches are truly timeless, a bridge between the past and the present. Their clean lines and their unrivalled precision are the fruit of the watchmaking savoir-faire of Longines, as well as its tradition of undisputed excellence.

Equestrian collection


Sport Collection

Sport has always been at the heart of the Longines philosophy, and these sports watches embody the search for performance and always more achievements that is central to the Swiss watchmaker. These sports watches skilfully combine elegant lines and refined technology, giving these timepieces incomparable efficiency and precision. All those who love greatness will appreciate these sports watches , fruit of the encounter of Longines' rich savoir-faire and the world of sports. The Conquest collection is designed for all sports enthusiasts who love uncompromised elegance, and the HydroConquest watches will seduce all divers who have an authentic sense of style and seek exceptional technical performances.


The technical research carried out at Longines was rewarded by various prizes which gradually gave the company its reputation of winning the most awards in international and world exhibitions until the 1929 exhibition in Barcelona, by which time Longines had won no fewer than 10 Grand Prix. In 1889, Francillon patented a trademark comprising the name Longines and the now famous winged hourglass. Today, Longines is the oldest trademark or logo still in use in its original form registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). As early as 1867, Longines was using the winged hourglass symbol and the tradename “Longines” as a guarantee of quality in order to combat counterfeit products aimed at taking advantage of the reputation already established by the company.

Heritage Collection
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