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As the 5,000 year-old Chinese civilisation meets the 21st century, Qeelin draws upon its cultural legacy, imbues it with a contemporary design aesthetic and carries the legacy forward. Its jewellery exudes a certain power, an invitation to smile, to be surprised, to feel blessed.

Qeelin was named after “qilin”, an auspicious mystical creature in Chinese culture. “Qi” refers to the male animal, and “lin” the female. Legend has it that qilins are tame and kind, and they are often described as “benevolent beasts”. Thus, Qeelin’s name is the embodiment of the brand’s philosophy of balance and harmony, while its collections celebrate the brand’s roots through a contemporary lens.

Qeelin diamond necklace

Wang Wang

Wang Wang Jewelry

When asked who might make for the ideal companion, many would point to a picture of their dog. Using the most precious gemstones, the Wang Wang collection is an ode to the special bond between humans and their companions, bringing familiar comfort to your life adventures.
First introduced in 2015, Wang Wang-the sound of a dog's bark in Mandarin - was designed to represent man's best friend, drawing on a deep passion for animals by Dennis Chan, Founder and Creative Director of Qeelin. More than companionship, the Wang Wang collection echoes the rich Chinese cultural meanings associated with dogs and their barks, considered harbingers of wealth and good fortune in popular Mandarin and Cantonese idioms.

Wulu Jewelry

Bound to many legends, invested with magical powers, Wulu is the strongest expression of good fortune and positive energy in China. Its contemporary lines echo the curves of the cherished number 8.

Xi Xi

The auspicious Xi Xi takes centre stage in an even more celebrated form to meet the wildest of imaginations. The majestic lion has earned a place in our hearts for its appearance during special holidays and key moments in our lives. 


Qin Qin

Qin Qin Jewelry

Designed after the goldfish, an auspicious symbol in Chinese culture, the Qin Qin collection emulates the true love of real-life "kissing fish" in a humorous fusion of Chinese aesthetics and French romance.
If the goldfish is seen as auspicious in Chinese culture, it is partly from its pronunciation in Mandarin- 'jinyu', which ca n be interpreted as a combination of gold Uin) and jade (yu). Through various idioms, the name thus enjoys connotations of abundant wealth and prosperity.
With the Qin Qin collection, Dennis Chan, Founder and Creative Director of Qeelin, gives full reign to artistic expression, using three-dimensional crafting techniques to create vibrant goldfish figures in 18k gold. Through playful depictions of affection, Qin Qin goldfish pairs break down the walls of rigid love and inspire daily expressions of tenderness.
But two do not always make a pair. When two Qin Qin goldfishes meet, the micro magnets planted in their mouths compel them to Iock when they face, and repel when they look away. lt is no coïncidence that Qin Qin means kiss in Mandarin: only a kiss will tell if it is meant to be. ln addition to kissing, ingenious design allows the fish to swing their tail, as if swimming through the ocean in search of a promised soulmate.

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